The Sondheim Awards are more than an awards night. The Sondheim's is a program that allows students and educators to grow within the high school musical world. The program gives the opportunity for students to learn from industry professionals, but most importantly allows them to meet peers outside of their own high school. The Sondheim's is a celebration; it isn't about who wins or loses. It is about bringing our students together to honor their outstanding work in musical theater.

- Justin Zenchuk (Shelton High School)

All of my students agree that participating in the Sondheim Awards is truly the highlight of our year. The educational workshops and performance adjudication have made such an incredible  impact on our program. Our students have received wonderful training, scholarships and even agent representation. Not only has our program grown but we have garnered additional support from our administration and funds to update our equipment. Thank you for being so supportive and for making us all feel like stars. We are proud to be part of the Sondheim family.

- Erin Sousa-Stanley (East Lyme High School)

What I appreciate most about the Sondheim Award experience is that my students get the opportunity to witness quality productions from their peers around Connecticut.  They have created bonds and connections with artists they admire and have broadened their theater family.  My actors who have participated in the Best Actor/Actress workshops have found that to be an invaluable time.  They pushed themselves, were supported and grew while having fun doing what they love.  BMA does a great job of amassing an inspiring collection of professional performers to host the event which makes it all the more special for the kids.  Finally, the feedback we get from the adjudicators is supportive and constructive.  It is helpful to have a critical eye to help us tune our programs.  Cheshire High School is proud to be part of the Sondheim Award family!

- Dawn Demeo (Cheshire High School)

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